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The SImmetry SI Joint Fusion System is the minimally invasive procedure that includes proven orthopedic principles to achieve a true fusion. Your surgeon may choose to use the SImmetry Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System for your surgery because it offers all of the advantages of minimally invasive technology along with true SI joint fusion.

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What’s the SI joint, and why does it hurt?

The sacroiliac, or SI, joints are the two joints where your spine attaches to your pelvis, one on each side. They’re full of nerve endings, which can cause intense pain if the joints are injured or inflamed. That pain often feels like lower back pain, which makes it easy to misdiagnose.

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Track your SI joint pain

SI joint pain treatment is a long-term process. After you find a doctor who treats SI joint pain, it’s important to try conservative treatment steps first, both to make sure the SI joint is the cause and to avoid any unnecessary treatment.


Think you might be ready for surgery?

SImmetry surgery is a different kind of implant procedure. Only the SImmetry procedure helps your body use your own bone to stabilize your SI joint and give you long-term pain relief.


The data speaks for itself

The SImmetry procedure works for most patients to reduce joint pain and build a true fusion across the joint.*

The SImmetry SI Joint Fusion System is a new technology, so our current studies are limited, but what we have, we’re sharing here so you can look at the data for yourself.

In 2018, RTI completed enrollment in a prospective multi-center trial evaluating long term patient outcomes in SIJ patients with SImmetry. Enrollment of 250 patients at 23 sites to understand outcomes relevant to opiod use, disability, and quality of life. As data becomes available, we’ll publish it here. Find out more about the EVoluSIon study.


Opioid use

*Araghi, A et al, Symmetry Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System — Differentiated Technologies for Your Patients. Think Tank Symposium June, 2019


Although SI joint fusion surgery isn’t right for everyone, it can benefit those patients who are appropriate candidates. As with any type of surgical procedure, there are risks associated with SI joint fusion surgery. Be sure to discuss these with a spine specialist who is skilled in diagnosing and treating patients with SI joint dysfunction.